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Gaining real and local followers consistently on Instagram can be very difficult. You don't need to purchase fake bot followers and fake bot engagement! Fake bots can cause your Instagram account to be banned or suspended, your account will most likely have all purchased bot activity deleted as well. The Ontario Follow Loop is a solution for your Instagram account. Your instagram account could be constantly growing with authentic followers who are also active on Instagram! All you have to do is purchase one of our ghost spots or join one of our weekly follow loops every Tuesday @ 12pm EST.

How Does A Follow Loop Work?

Followers have had great success with using the Ontario Follow Loop. Our follow loop is an attractive and effective way for growing a following of authentic people.

Stage 1: Sign Ups

Follow the hosts (@ontariofollowloop and @slyfoxwebdesign), comment “Let’s Connect” and tag two other accounts on the “SIGN UPS” post. You will receive instructions from the host telling you who the ghosts are and what image and caption to post on your account. Before you post, follow all of the ghosts. Once you have posted the image and caption, follow everyone your host follows – you are now in the loop! Click below to find out more.

Stage 2: Live!

We ask that anyone joining the loop is respectful to all participants. Accounts that join a follow loop can expect to get between 70-170 followers; however, engaging in the comment section of the posts can help you gain even more followers! A good follow loop will connect you with followers that share your values, which is exactly what Ontario Follow Loop does.

Gain Instagram Followers Fast & Simple.

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Ghost Spot


What Is A Ghost Spot?

Ontario Follow Loop follows you without you having to post or follow everyone back!

NOTE: The first time you join will be the largest gain of followers.

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